WebOPAC of College Library

Library Advisory Committee

S. No. Name of the Committee Member Designation
01 Dr. Shahabuddin Shaikh Chairman
02 Dr. Shaikh Parvez Aslam Vice-Chairman
03 Mohammed Mudassir Ahmed Secretary
04 Dr. Liyakat Shaikh Member
05 Dr. Santosh Kakde Members
06 Dr. Sayyad Asmaparvin Member

Library Staff

Mohammed Mudassir Ahmed Nisar Ahmed

Designation: Librarian

Date of Birth: 22nd January, 1976

Blood Group: O+Ve

Address: Plot No. 4, Gulshan Colony, Silkmills Colony, Paithan Road, Aurangabad. 431010.

Contact: 09175731621

Email: itmudassir@gmail.com

Webpage: Mudassir's Profile

Azhar Khan Aziz Khan

Designation: Library Attendant

Date of Birth: 05 May,1968

Blood Group: B+Ve

Address: Plot. No.114 / B, Aref Colony, Aurangabad (M.S.)

Contact: 09860976289

Email: aakhan516@gmail.com

Shaikh Sileman Biban

Designation: Library Attendant

Date of Birth: 03 Feb.,1974

Blood Group:  

Address: Plot No. 8, Gut No. 83, Hamidiya Behind Satranj Transport, Beed Bypass Road Aurangabad (M.S.)




Rules of Library

1. The college Library and Reading Room will remain open from 10.00 a.m. To 5.00 p.m. However during examinations, the college Library Reading Room will remain open fro m 10.00 a. m To 6.00 p.m. On all working days.

2. The student should obtain the identity card from the Library as soon as he/she takes admission. The identity card is an important document and should be safely preserved and brought to the college every day.

3. No student will be allowed to enter the Library without his/her identity card and the same should be shown at the entrance of the Library.

4. In case, the identity card is lost, the student should inform the Librarian immediately in writing and apply for a duplicate identity card which will be issued by the permission of the Principal only. If the original Identity card is found later on, the student should return the duplicate one. A student should not keep two identity cards in his/her possession. Use of two identity cards is not permissible and any student violating this rule is liable for severe punishment

5. The student will be responsible if his/her identity card is misused in any way by any other person.

Rules for Borrowing Books

1. On Library card only one book will be issued for home reading for a period of six days. For borrowing a book for home study, the student should submit the demand slip a day earlier and collect the book next day. Students are expected to return the books borrowed by them on or before the due date stamped on the issue slip.

2. Reference books such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, current periodicals. University Question Paper Sets, rare books etc. Will not be Issued out of the library. These books can however; be made available in the Library during regular working hours.

3. A student is expected to check the pages of the books before leaving the Issue Counter and if any pages are missing, the same should be immediately brought to the notice of the Librarian. Any student failing to do so, will be held responsible for any damage etc. If found white returning the book.

4. Students are not allowed to borrow the books on subject of study other than those prescribed by the syllabus for them.

5. Students are not allowed to lend any book belonging to the Library to any other Person,

6. No book will be Issued to any student either for reading in the Reading Hall or for home study, unless the student produces his / her identity card.

Reading Hall of Library

1. The students should maintain silence in the Reading Hall and should not cause any disturbance to any other student in any manner, indiscipline in the Reading Hall will be viewed very seriously and the student will be liable for strict disciplinary action.

2. Students should not mark or mutilate the Library books in any way,

3. Text books, question paper sets, syllabi, magazines and reference books are issued for reading in the Reading Hall, Under any circumstances, books borrowed by the students for reading in the Reading Room should be returned at the counter before leaving the Library and should not be taken home.

4. Any student disobeying the rules of the Library and the Reading Hall will be liable for severe disciplinary action which can amount to the cancellation of his/her membership of the Library or even rustication from the college.

5. The Library attendant on duty at the entrance of the Library is authorised to examine everything that passes into or out of the Library.

6. The college Leaving or Transference Certificate will not be issued to any student who has not returned the Library books.