Rules Regulations

1. Every student during term of the course, shall be under disciplinary jurisdiction of the competent authority which shall take appropriate action, in case of indiscipline, misconduct on the part of the student.

2. It is obligatory that every student shall at all times:

  • Keep his/her l-Card with him/her and produce whenever asked for.
  • Conduct himself/herself properly.
  • Maintain proper behavior.
  • Observe strict discipline both within the campus of the Institution and also outside in buses, railway trains or at public places, or at picnics or educational trips arranged by the Institute or on playgrounds.
  • Ensure that no act of his/her consciously or unconsciously brings the Institution or any establishment or authority connected with it into disrepute.
  • Shall not lodge any complaint or make any representation regarding any matter connected with the Institution to press or other outside institution / agency etc Without forwarding the same through the Principal of the College

3. The Competent Authority may impose any one or more of the following punishments on the students found guilty of misconduct, indiscipline, in proportion thereof :

  • Warning /Censure /Reprimand. Fine not exceeding Rs.300/- Cancellation of the scholarship/award/prize/medal awarded to student by the concerned Institution, with prospective effect.
  • Expulsion from the concerned Institution,
  • Debarring from admission to a course of study in Institution. Debarring for appearing for examinations, conducted by the Institution concerned for a period, not exceeding five years.

4. In respect of such students, the Principal of the Institution maintain a record of the punishment.

The Institution shall on each occasion of any punishment imposed on any student, intimate the Vice Chancellor under Certificate of Posting, the fact of such imposition to the parent or guardian of the student on the address available in the college records.